Bilingual Nurseries 包括两个英法双语 Montessori 幼儿园:位于 Islington 的 Mars Montessori 和位于 Paddington 的 Les Trois Oursons.

    我们的目标是在两种语言的养育环境中提供高质量的托儿服务。2018 年 9 月,我们还推出了中文入门课程,我们为这个项目的成功举办感到自豪。

    Link to: Les Petites Etoiles Bilingual Montessori – Angel (Formerly Mars Montessori)


    My daughter joined the nursery at 18 months, it was an incredible experience! All the teachers are very loving, the food menus are very healthy and varied (every week they publish the menu), they carry out very varied activities and the introduction to other languages was very important for us too! we definitely recommend Mars Montessori. We only left as we moved home but we’re very happy that was our daughters first educational experience !

    Laura Garcia – 2022 (Mars)

    We are sooo impressed with Les Trois Ourson ! Our son loved it and it’s a great balance between letting children play and grow and learn on their own while having some fundamentals in structure (lunch time for example !). We only changed to reduce the commute as the nursery was a bit far away from our home.

    Anjuli Pandit – 2022 (LTO)

    Our daughter and son loved / still love every day they spend at LTO. The teachers really care for the children and their education. Highly recommend.

    Gavin Jackson – 2021 (Les Trois Oursons)

    Our son attended Mars Montessori for more than two years – He enjoyed his time in the nursery, made great friends, and learnt a lot socially, culturally, linguistically, numerically etc. He grew greatly attached to the teachers.
    We believe Mars gave him a great start in his life.

    Shajay Bhooshan – 2021 (Mars)

    Best decision we made sending our daughter here. We saw her progress so much during her time at the nursery and she was very happy and confident going each day. The size is perfect for young children experiencing this type of environment for the first time and all the teachers and staff are fantastic and we will look back at her time at Mars with very fond memories.

    George Bates – 2021 (Mars)

    In my experience, this is one of the best nurseries in London. Having tried a few others, Les Trois Oursons is the most professional. I have two other children that will also attend this nursery when they are of age. I love their approach and how they respect each child individually. The teachers are wonderful; caring and warm. Safety of the children is their first priority.

    Nicole Yahara – 2018 (Les Trois Oursons)

    Our son attending Mars for a year, after moving from another setting. Mars impressed us in so many ways, there is a fantastic caring atmosphere and also a child led focus on their development and giving even the littlest ones a wide ranging experience covering a range of topics. We are looking forward to our daughter also starting there in due course. Thank you to everyone at Mars.

    Anne-Marie Stomeo – 2018 (Mars)

    Excellent nursery – my son stayed there for 2.5 years, we had to change nursery as we were moving and we miss LTO. My son learnt so much over there, with lots of activities and very good staff that listens to the children needs and developments. There are also external staff coming to provide dance, sport and music lessons, which is invaluable. All in all a very good nursery providing French and English as well.

    Chloe Paillot – 2017 (Les Trois Oursons)