Notice Period

It is vital that you follow this “Notice Period Policy”.

  • In the event of a child not taking up the place, we must be notified at least 12 to 16 weeks before the end of the previous term (see our year planner for more details), otherwise the whole term’s fees will be due.
  • When signing the “Acceptance Form”, parents are liable for fees until the end of term, even if their child/children leave mid-term.
  • To reduce the number of days or for their child to leave, parents must give notice using our standard form no later than the current term’s notice deadline (12 to 16 weeks before the end of term, see our year planner for more details), otherwise the whole of the following term is payable on top of the current term. (see the year planner for dates)

Please find the term dates and notice deadlines on our  year planner.

Please return the “Change of Days Form” and the “Leaving Notice Form”  to the nursery no later than each deadline if you wish:

  • to change the number of days your child attends nursery the next term.
  • or if you wish your child to leave the nursery at the end of the current term.

Otherwise you will be liable for the fees for the whole of the next term.