Les Petites Etoiles Bilingual Montessori – Paddington
(Formerly Les Trois Oursons)

Les Petites Etoiles Bilingual Montessori Paddington welcomes children from the age of 8 months until they are 4 years old, which is when they are old enough to attend Reception Class in a Primary School. We are open 47 weeks a year, from 8 am to 6 pm. You can drop off your child between 8 am and 9:30 am and pick them up between 4:30 pm and 6 pm.


“Children are happy and settled in this welcoming nursery. All children’s needs are met effectively, which is due to the staff, who are caring and exceptionally dedicated to the well-being of the children.
Children have a sense of pride in this nursery which provides a bilingual programme that supports children’s language skills in French, English and Mandarin.” (Excerpt from the March 2023 Inspection Report)

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Our multilingual team

At Les Petites Etoiles Bilingual Montessori, our diverse team embodies our commitment to multilingualism. We take pride in having native French teachers and English-speaking educators who collaboratively create a vibrant French-English bilingual environment. Furthermore, our dedicated Chinese teachers lead our Introduction to Mandarin program.
Read more about Bilingualism. Read more about our Introduction to Mandarin programme.

Complementing this linguistic diversity, our staff comprises highly trained Montessori educators and individuals with various childcare qualifications. This diverse team not only enriches our nursery but also ensures that we provide attentive care and support to meet the unique needs of our young children throughout their school day. Many of our teachers are also parents, providing us with valuable insights into the diverse needs of infants and toddlers, including the importance of nurturing, engaging activities, and tending to their basic needs such as sleep, cuddles, and diaper changes.


Either the manager, Marina Blanco, or the deputy manager will show you around when you book a visit. Please book a visit.

Three Age-Appropriate Classrooms

Les Petites Etoiles Bilingual Montessori offers three classrooms designed for different age groups. Children are assigned to these classrooms based on their age. The allocation is as follows:

This arrangement ensures that children receive age-appropriate care and education tailored to their developmental stage.

Supporting individual development

In each of our classrooms, our dedicated staff members facilitate multiple activities simultaneously, ensuring that children experience a diverse and stimulating learning environment.

We tailor activities to each child’s unique abilities and needs. Our educators adapt the same or similar activities for different developmental levels, providing the right challenge. At Les Petites Etoiles Bilingual Montessori Paddington, we prioritize each child’s pace of development. We acknowledge that milestones such as walking or potty training occur at their own individual pace, which may not always align with other aspects of their learning and development. We embrace this natural variation and adjust our classrooms, routines, and encouragement methods to ensure that each child feels motivated and supported throughout their journey.

Recognizing a child’s interests is central to our philosophy and is a vital factor in their learning. We believe that by engaging a child’s interests, we can effectively scaffold their learning experiences. This approach, which considers the child’s individuality, developmental stage, and interests, guides our care and education across all our classrooms, fostering an environment where children can thrive.

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